Regenerating Serum

A delicious melt-in formula, this serum containing 10% pure hyaluronic acid solution helps stimulate natural DNA repair for exceptional cell regeneration.

Corrects the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging. Helps reactivate cellular regeneration processes. Prolongs the skin’s youthful appearance.

Effects observed by consumers:

General improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin after just 14 days of use: 99%
Anti-aging effect after 28 days of use:

  • Improvement in crow’s-feet: 90%
  • Improvement in wrinkles around the lips: 84%
  • Improvement in forehead wrinkles: 77%

Study conducted with 64 women who used PREMIUM Serum + PREMIUM Cream for 28 days - % of satisfaction


This concentrate of effectiveness helps correct the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging thanks to its protecting and repairing action on DNA.

  • Patented botanical microspheres to protect and regenerate DNA: these new-generation plant-derived spheres release repairing and anti-oxidant active ingredients within the cell to help protect and repair DNA.
  • 10% pure hyaluronic acid solution: the benchmark wrinkle-filling ingredient, hyaluronic acid helps instantly smooth the skin and visibly “replump” it.
  • Extracts of rare black flowers (black orchid, Black Baccara rose and black poppy): rare and precious extracts with protective and anti-oxidant properties.


Apply this exceptional silky serum morning and night, before your daily PREMIUM cream, to perfectly cleansed skin. Smooth over face and neck with fingertips.