Tan beautifying Anti-wrinkle - Anti-brown spot

This is the first “sun powder brush” in pharmacies, available in an ultra-convenient portable format. The sexy and desirable new beauty object to take everywhere you go, at the beach or in the city. In one stroke, the skin is protected in complete safety and visible signs of sun-induced aging are prevented and corrected. The tan is enhanced with subtle shimmers.

A sublime tan in complete safety, plus prevention & correction of visible signs of sun-induced aging (wrinkles, slackening & brown spots).

This iridescent powder is the must-have product to take with you wherever you go. It contains the best in sun protection combined with the best in anti-aging protection:

  • Broad-spectrum and photostable anti-UVA/UVB filter system patented by LIERAC + Tinosorb M
  • NONI extract for anti-wrinkle & anti-slackening action
  • BROOMRAPE extract for anti-brown spot action.

For a sublime tan, the formula has been enriched with:

  • Tan-activating & cell-protecting complex based on frangipani flower & pigmentation-stimulating peptide for double anti-free radical & DNA-protecting action: 1%
  • Tanning and moisturizing trio composed of roucou oil, apricot butter & plant glycerin: 5% An unprecedented tanning and anti-aging delight for all skin tones and all skin types.

Formulation: Free of parabens, silicones and octocrylene*


This is the ideal skincare product to keep in your handbag for daily protection against first rays of sunlight. At the beach, apply the powder evenly to face and décolleté. Reapply every 2 hours and more frequently in the case of perspiration, swimming or rubbing.