Tan activating Anti-wrinkle - Anti-brown spot

In its ultra-convenient pump-bottle, this velvety and super-moisturizing cream is ideally formulated to safely activate tanning while helping prevent and correct all visible signs of sun-induced aging: wrinkles, slackening and brown spots.

A sublime tan in complete safety plus prevention and correction of visible signs of sun-induced aging (wrinkles, slackening & brown spots). Ideally moisturized skin.

This velvet cream contains the best in sun protection combined with the best in anti-aging protection:

  • Broad-spectrum and photostable anti-UVA/UVB filter system patented by LIERAC + Tinosorb M
  • NONI extract for anti-wrinkle & anti-slackening action - BROOMRAPE extract for anti-brown spot action.

For a sublime tan, the formula has been enriched with:

  • Tan-activating & cell-protecting complex based on frangipani flower & pigmentation-stimulating peptide for double anti-free radical & DNA-protecting action: 1%
  • Tanning and moisturizing trio composed of roucou oil, apricot butter & plant glycerin: 5% Formulation: Free of parabens, silicones and octocrylene*


Before going out in the sun, evenly apply a hazelnut-sized dab of product to the face. Reapply every 2 hours and more frequently in the case of perspiration, swimming or rubbing. Can be used to replace day cream during sunny seasons.