Tan activating & tan prolonging

Beyond the repairing performance of the SUNIFIC AFTERSUN range, this vanishing and subtly iridescent milk enriched with a pigmentation-stimulating peptide and erythrulose is essential to accelerate next-day tanning and ensure a naturally and evenly intensified glow. The tan gradually develops and its radiance is extended for as long as the product is used. A 100% golden skin effect!

The tan is activated, intensified, prolonged & beautified. The skin is instantly soothed & moisturized.

This vanishing iridescent milk with a delicate summer fragrance contains at its core:

  • MIMOSA TENUIFLORA extract for triple action: regenerating, repairing & restoring
  • Moisturizing and repairing trio based on coconut oil, calendula & plant glycerin: 5%

IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK is the ideal must-have product to prepare your skin for the sun and activate and prolong your tan with a pigmentation-stimulating peptide and 2% erythrulose (botanical self-tanning agent).

Paraben-free formulation

Apply liberally to face and body IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK can be used before, during and after your vacation, as well as all year long, whenever you wish.

  • Before vacation: IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK can be used to prepare your tan several weeks before departure in order to arrive with a golden glow at your sunny destination. Used all year long, it becomes a progressive face and body self-tanner.
  • During vacation: IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK comforts all skin overheated by the sun. Its shimmering aspect beautifies the tan. In addition to its natural action in the sun, IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK accelerates and intensifies tanning with its two tan-stimulating and self-tanning effects.
  • After vacation: To prolong the radiance of a tan to your heart’s desire, IRIDESCENT SATIN MILK continues to encourage melanin to naturally rise to the skin surface and maintain the glow of tanned skin with its self-tanning action, for as long as the product is used.