Day & Night Lifting Cream

Drawing inspiration from the IR laser cosmetic technique, LIERAC Laboratories have developed COHÉRENCE L.IR., an innovative cream that uses the power of Tourmaline microcrystals to recreate InfraRed light and reactivate the synthesis of collagen fibers. A concentrate of firmness and comfort for ultimate “lifting” results.

Helps redefine facial contours.
Firms the skin.
Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

Clinically proven effectiveness:

Reshaped facial contour 85%*

Effects observed by consumers:

The skin feels firmer 85%**
Facial features appear retightened 76%***
Wrinkles and fine lines appear diminished 73%***
The skin feels comfortable 95%*** 

Studies conducted with 2 applications per day - 56 days.
*Instrumental measurements (results expressed in % of volunteers) - 53 women.
**Self-assessment - 53 women
***Self-assessment - 93 women


This generous and velvety cream, inspired by IR laser techniques, offers visible firming and “lifting” results.

  • Collagen III accelerating vectors (4%): unique vectors with the ability to reprogram the synthesis of type III collagen, the collagen that gives skin its firmness.
  • Tourmaline micro-crystals: a source of infrared light, they encourage immediate retraction of collagen fibers and activation of their synthesis.
  • Pomegranate seed extracts: selected for their anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties.
  • Moisturizing agents with shea and plant glycerin: a botanical combination of choice in terms of nutrition, hydration and skin comfort.



Applied in the morning, it offers protection and comfort. Applied at night, it ensures fresh, regenerated skin upon waking.

To fully benefit from the sensoriality and effectiveness of this product: 

Gently apply to forehead, cheeks and chin, from the center of the face outwards, then down the center of the face to the neck. Remember to smooth the upper and lower lip contours.