Beautifying Smoothing Spray

This ultra-penetrating spray weaves a tightening mesh on the skin’s surface, backed by a retexturizing botanical complex to instantly tone and smooth the bust. The presence of iridescent pearly particles makes it a real skin enhancer that beautifies the décolleté.

Instantly tones and smoothes the bust.
Illuminates and enhances the décolleté.

Effects observed by consumers:

  • Skin-lifting effect observed by 7 out of 10 women*
  • Smoothes the skin of the décolleté: 80%*
  • Gives radiance to the décolleté: 86%*

*Self-assessment - Study conducted with 64 women - 2 applications per day - 28 days 


This ultra-fresh lotion ensures an instant beauty boost for the bust.

  • Retexturizing plant complex: botanical synergy of elder and terminalia extracts to help boost fibroblast activity.
  • Hyaluronic acid and AHA: a synergy that instantly and visibly smoothes the skin.
  • Iridescent pearly particles: for an instant beautifying effect.


Apply once or twice a day, or use before going out for an immediate beautifying effect on the décolleté.

For best results, massage all over the décolleté up to the shoulders and the base of the neck, working as if to trace an “8”.