Stretch Mark Correction Serum

Puberty, Pregnancy, Weight Variations

Containing 84% retexturizing botanical complex, this highly concentrated non-greasy solution helps diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks

Helps diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks (depth, width, length, color).

Clinical study:


Preventive and corrective  effectiveness on stretch marks confirmed by 11 clinical studies conducted with more than 500 women internationally:

  • Improvement in existing stretch marks: positive results in 80%* of cases.
  • Overall esthetic improvement in the color, depth, width and length of stretch marks.

* Study conducted with 45 women after application of PHYTOLASTIL Soluté twice a day for 40 days.


This serum contains an exclusive botanical synergy that specifically addresses the appearance of existing stretch marks.

84% alchemilla-ivy-horsetail retexturizing complex: this LIERAC-exclusive complex – rich in flavonoids and tannoids – helps reactivate the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers by the fibroblast cells.

Apply morning and night for 8 consecutive weeks, gently massaging onto problem areas until fully absorbed. Application may be extended beyond 8 weeks, using the product once a day for as long as improvements in the skin are noted.

Consistent use is crucial to obtain best results, and early treatment of stretch marks ensures even better results.