Stretch Mark Prevention Gel

Puberty, Pregnancy, Weight Variations

Containing 35% retexturizing botanical complex, this non-greasy gel helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts, stomach, hips and thighs.

Helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Clinical study:

Preventive and corrective effectiveness on stretch marks confirmed by 11 clinical studies conducted with more than 500 women internationally:  

  • Significant prevention of the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women, with positive results in 84%* of cases.  

* Study conducted with 48 pregnant women after application of PHYTOLASTIL Gel from the 3rd month of pregnancy to 1 month after delivery.

This gel contains an exclusive botanical synergy that specifically addresses the prevention of stretch marks.

35% alchemilla-ivy-horsetail retexturizing complex: this LIERAC-exclusive complex – rich in flavonoids and tannoids – helps reactivate the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers by the fibroblast cells.

Use once a day, massaging gently onto areas most prone to the appearance of stretch marks (breasts, stomach, hips and thighs). Start application in the 3rd month of pregnancy and continue after delivery until return of menstruation.

Consistent use is crucial to obtain best results.