Multi-Action Concentrate - Complete Body Contouring

A triple-action body-contouring formula – helps combat the appearance of “dimpled skin”, slackening and excess water –, this ultra-smoothing serum combines the WTB SYSTEM, a patented complex capable of transforming “fat-storing” cells into “fat-burning” cells, with 10% active caffeine and drainage-enhancing elder extract for effectiveness that can be measured after just 14 days of use.

Helps correct the appearance of all visible signs of stubborn cellulite: “dimpled skin”, loss of firmness, excess water retention. Improves skin quality.

Reduction in the appearance of cellulite and orange-peel skin 100%**
Refining effect on thighs and hips 96%**
Firmer skin 93%**

Study conducted with 29 women
*Clinical study with instrumental measurements recorded after 14 days -
**Self-assessment after 56 days


This vanishing gel-serum offers complete body-contouring action to help correct all visible signs of stubborn cellulite:

  • 2% patented WTB SYSTEM: unprecedented complex composed of 3 active ingredients (sacred lotus - white willow - biotechnological peptide) capable of transforming “fat-storing” adipocytes into “fat-burning” adipocytes, and of eliminating the lipids contained in these adipocytes.
  • 12.5% LIPO-REVERSE (10% active caffeine + 2.5% glaucine complex): transforms white adipocytes into “fibroblast-type” cells capable of synthesizing collagen fibers.
  • Elder extract: an active ingredient known for its clearing action.


Gently massage onto target areas (thighs, hips, buttocks) once or twice a day.