Cellulite is a secondary sexual characteristic that is uniquely feminine; 90% of women after puberty are concerned. Contrary to popular opinion, cellulite is not linked to obesity as it can also occur in slim women. Cellulite is found mainly on hips, thighs and buttocks and results from fats storing in the hypodermis; water retention and connective tissue aging can also occur. The disrupted organization of collagen fibers that form rigid capsules on the adipocytes give the skin it’s famous “orange peel skin” look, or “dimpled” skin.


The LIERAC solution

The Body-Contouring Innovation BODY-SLIM unique and unequalled “WTB System”, the first patented complex capable of transforming the “white” storing adipocytes into “brown” fat-burning adipocytes.


& “Lipo-Reverse” (Active caffeine + glaucine complex), the first body-contouring active ingredient capable of transforming the adipocytes into “fibroblast-like” cells that guarantee firmness.